Winter Face Mask
Winter Face Mask
Studio Daisy Kroon

Winter Face Mask

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Warm enough for winter, safe enough to wear. 

This wool face mask has a cotton lining for extra comfort, two elastic ear loops and is washable. 

Please take good care of your face mask by washing it by hand at the end of the day. Always wash your hands before putting on or off your mask. Make sure to only touch the elastic. 

When not in use store it in a clean zip-lock.

Every mask is made to order and made by hand in our atelier in Rotterdam. We do our utmost best to work as hygienically as possible following the RIVM guidelines. 

Shipping costs are not included. You can pick up your order at our store in Rotterdam, or we can ship your order for an additional €3 for 1-3 masks. Your face mask comes wrapped individually with a wash instruction. 

Stay safe, stay healthy. 

Flatten that curve!

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