Transparent price tag

Price transparency

We believe sustainability goes hand-in-hand with transparency. You should know what you are paying for so you can better understand the value of the garments you buy.

Therefore, we have followed the example set by other innovative designers and introduced more transparency in both our pricing and supply chain.

Our customers demand more from the products they wear every day; but most consumers have no idea how much of their money actually goes to what. We believe you have the right to know what our designs cost to make.

The problem with fast fashion is that most of the people, like a garment worker or artisan, along the supply chain aren’t paid enough. We hope to change your point of view by giving you an insight in our supply chain and costs. And would like to invite fellow designers to join and apply the same transparency.

Our aim is to be as sustainable and ethical as possible as a company. We are however a small player and this means ethical and local production is not cheap. Currently all Daisy Kroon garments are locally manufactured at our in-house atelier in Rotterdam.

Our designs are sold exclusively on our website and in our own brick and mortar store. We currently do not wholesale our products to retailers which allows us to charge you a slightly lower price.

We do our utmost best to provide you with all the necessary information and are still searching for a convenient and transparent system. Supply chain structures aren’t naturally transparent and therefore not all information is available for us, but good communication is key in making the fashion industry more transparent.